Creation of a new financial infrastructure for the private capital and debt market with permissioned blockchain, in an environment of compliance and trust

Providing liquidity, automation and democratization of the investment and alternative financing industry, investor syndication, transparency, efficiency, transferability, and scalability

Action Monkey, Permissioned DeFi Platform solves some of the challenges of the Private Capital Market and Cryptoassets industry, such as scalability, automation, interoperability, and access to liquidity.

It uses blockchain technology and decentralized smart contract protocols for Security Tokens, taking advantage of their efficiency, transferability, and transparency, on the one hand,  and, on the other hand, incorporating control and compliance functions required by regulation.

Tokenization is as disruptive for the financial sector as much as it was internet for the press. Digital tokens represent a revolutionary disruption for economic activities, with potential applications of use in multiple sectors, and being used on a massive scale.

Among the benefits of Tokenization are that increases the efficiency in investments and transactions, the simplification the financial markets in only one infrastructure, saving of costs around 50%, reducing lead times, increases transparency, and provides liquidity and a 24/7 market. At the same time, it facilitates the syndication and the access to  investments, as well as the financial inclusion.
Join a new generation of financial infrastructure for investments and alternative financing with access to an automatic liquidity protocol.
Welcome to Private Capital Markets 3.0.

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Disclaimer: Investing in crypto assets, digital assets ("Tokens") is not regulated. It generally targets qualified investors and may not be suitable for retail investors and the total amount invested may be lost. It is important to read and understand the risks of these investments. The tokens that can be acquired will not be in the hands of entities legally authorized to provide investment services unless otherwise stated and the distributed ledger technology that is intended to be used ("Blockchain") is novel and may carry significant risks. (See the Terms and Conditions section for a more detailed description of the associated risks)